What about the residents?

Minimizing disruption to our residents is a top priority during construction.

  • Residents whose units are being renovated are relocated to another unit on campus for about 8 weeks. They have the help of a special coordinator as well as use of special lounges and quiet rooms. We are also offering them extra activities and excursions.
  • For residents who live on the 2nd floor of a building where the 1st floor is being renovated, The Redwoods is providing Bose noise reduction headphones.

Mary Nishifue

Mary is nicely settled into her lovely renovated apartment. “It’s very comfortable,” she reports. “It feels so spacious, especially the living room and kitchen. And it’s quiet. I am enjoying it!”

Elizabeth Merriman

Elizabeth recently moved into her renovated apartment and was very appreciative.

You can read the letter and drawing that she sent to the Redwoods management.

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Gordon and Helen Anderson

While their apartment was being modernized, Gordon (age 90) and Helen (age 88) lived in another Redwoods apartment for ten weeks. Relocating and then moving back into a newly configured space was challenging, but they maintained a positive attitude. “It took a lot of mental activity to decide where things should go,” they said.

“We can’t believe it’s the same place!” says Helen. “The entire apartment has a different look now. We repurposed and rearranged things - we’re nesting all over again. It’s been a lot of fun.” The Anderson’s particularly like their new, more efficient kitchen. Both express appreciation for The Redwoods taking good care of them during the transition. Their advice to others: “be open to change – it’s stimulating. And stay calm!”

Bill and Bonnie Chandler

Just weeks after their move, the Chandlers look right at home! It was a family effort - their daughter Gwen helped them organize their new space and rearrange furniture.

“We’re comfortable here, “ report Bill (age 95) and Bonnie (age 87). “We have more walking room and like the bigger kitchen - there’s lots of storage space and we opted for the dishwasher, which we like.“ They admire what management has done to make all of this possible.

Betty McAfee

Combining some photographs and adapting her friend Holly Near's poem "I Am Willing", Betty McAfee created a poster documenting the Revitalization of the Redwoods.

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The Redwoods is Revitalizing! We’re modernizing and restoring – and making great progress, Read more...

Nearly $435,000 has been donated to the Revitalization Capital Campaign by residents and their families. Check out our Donor profiles here.
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