Donor Profiles

Redwoods residents Joseph Levine and Carrie Schoenbach

Forty percent of The Redwoods residents have made donations to the Capital Campaign - an impressive amount, given that the majority of residents live on low-to-moderate incomes.

Joseph Levine(age 83) and Carrie Schoenbach (age 86) are among those residents who have donated. “This place has heart,” says Joseph. “It’s an oasis of decency; people care about us.” Carrie indicates that they are happy with the campus as it is now, but know it is old and must be revitalized for future generations.

When the Revitalization Campaign was launched, they didn’t think twice. “There was never any question about donating,” they said. “We made our pledge out of gratitude – we have found so much happiness here and want to make sure that the same is possible for future generations.

Roger Peters and Stephanie Moulton-Peters

Roger Peters ( a member of The Redwoods Board of Directors) and Stephanie Moulton-Peters (Mayor of Mill Valley) first became involved with The Redwoods some years ago when their sons' Boy Scout troop sang for the residents during the holidays.

When considering involvement in community efforts, they want to know that they will provide a tangible benefit. "When we first came here, we saw a lively senior community," reports Roger, whose mother lives at The Redwoods. "But the facility is 40 years old and needs to keep up with the residents. Plus, there is a whole new wave of seniors coming, and we just can't sit still."

Much about Revitalization excites them, in particular the Cafe and Center for Dynamic Aging. "These will create more, newer places and spaces for residents. This is what Revitalization is all about," says Roger.

Champion Profile: John Cutler

Champions are community members who have lent their name in support of the project.

One of our most active Champions is John Cutler. John is past president of The Redwoods Board of Directors and a member of the Revitalization Task Force. He got involved in raising funds for the Capital Campaign early on because of his love of The Redwoods and enthusiasm for the Revitalization Project.

John sees The Redwoods as a one-of-a-kind community asset and one of Mill Valley's "crown jewels." He is especially proud of its focus on affordability and the diversity of its residents. John is also well aware that the campus needs to be upgraded. One example he gives: over 480 meals prepared each day in a 40 year old kitchen.

He strongly believes that projects like this just don't happen by themselves - that it takes extensive commitment by the community to raise the necessary funds. According to John, it never occurred to him or his wife Betsey Cutler (Member of The Redwoods Board of Directors) not to volunteer to approach prospective donors - they just didn't feel they could sit back and expect others to take this on. For them, it's also a way to give back.

So, John and Betsey are hard at work on the Capital Campaign. They report that a number of potential donors whom they have contacted have responded with generous pledges or donations.


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Nearly $435,000 has been donated to the Revitalization Capital Campaign by residents and their families.
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