Meet Our Residents

Residents of The Redwoods reflect diversity of age, interests, physical abilities, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and acceptance of all. They include writers, union organizers, cartoonists, artists, dancers, musicians, social workers, nurses, educators, naturalists, advocates, attorneys, business owners, and filmmakers. Collectively, they form a vibrant, thriving community in which possibility and empowerment are watchwords, where ideas are embraced and brought to fruition, and where the enthusiasm and energy of all who live and work here are celebrated and enjoyed.

Residents welcome and include one another in campus activities and also encourage active involvement in the broader community. As a result, The Redwoods serves as a resource itself as well as a connection to other local and county resources. Indeed, as a center of activism, The Redwoods supports, inspires, and enables efforts that help transform society's perceptions of aging, even well beyond our Northern California region.

It has been said that The Redwoods is "a culture, not a place," that offers a world of possibilities for its residents. Here are a few we'd like you to meet who have embraced those possibilities and are happy to share their experiences.

The Redwoods announces Revitalizing The Redwoods, a plan to modernize and expand its campus and build on its history for a sustainable future. Read more...
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