Our Community

Our Philosophy

Nurturing a culture of possibility and wellness is the essence of our philosophy at The Redwoods. The goal of our not-for-profit organization is to provide ways for seniors to thrive as they age, both for our residents and for those in the broader San Francisco Bay area. Specifically, we respond to seniors' individual physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs to foster dignity, usefulness and opportunities to grow.

Programs and activities at The Redwoods embrace the concept of whole person wellness. They are designed to maintain and improve the fitness level of an individual's physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and purposeful life. We strive to provide a variety of unique opportunities within each of these wellness domains, and we encourage residents to intersperse their lives here with exercise classes, reading and support groups, cultural pursuits, volunteer activities, political discussions and intergenerational programs.

Watch a video about the resident Garden Program.

Watch a video about the resident's Rock The Ages musical group.

Our hope is that every resident feels welcomed and supported in his or her exploration of life at the age of 70, 80, 90 and 100 years. Each of these ages brings new challenges and rich possibilities. Throughout the years, we have reaped the benefits of a robust population of active learners, and we encourage all residents to take advantage of every opportunity to take part in life at The Redwoods.

The Redwoods announces Revitalizing The Redwoods, a plan to modernize and expand its campus and build on its history for a sustainable future. Read more...
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