Monthly and Daily Rental Costs
Pricing effective October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016

The Apartments
(Current waiting period: Over 6 months)
• One bedroom apartment
• One bedroom apartment – Revitalized
Security Deposit

HUD subsidized 60 units currently closed to new applicants

Optional meal plans
     • Evening meal
     • Lunch meal
     • Breakfast meal
     • 10 Dinner tickets
     • 10 Lunch tickets
     • 10 Breakfast tickets


Residential Apartments
• Studio
• Studio with snack center
• 1-Bedroom with snack center (single)
• 1-Bedroom with snack center (double)

Personal Care Unit
• Shared — standard
• Shared — large
• Private

Health Care Center / Skilled Nursing
(Outside admissions welcome)
• Shared Room

Community Fee:

$500 (Non-refundable deposit) due upon completion of application;
balance due at move-in (Community fees waived for residents in Health Care and in HUD-subsidized apartments)

Additional fees may apply:
     • Couples fee (Monthly fee)
     • Pets
     • Transfer fee between levels/within level
     • QAF (Monthly fee)
Quality Assurance Fee (QAF) is a fee assessed by the State.


Annual rent increases for residents generally range from 4-6%. Increases are effective as of October 1, 2015.

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